Get Carlos' Vetted Cleaners for Deep Cleaning in Crystal Palace

When you're looking for cleaners who chase down the dirt others would brush under the carpet, call Carlos Cleaners in Crystal Palace and book deep cleaning.

Detailed Cleaning You Stay in Control Of

  • Choose the time and day - Services are available seven days a week, from early morning through to the evening

  • Choose the length of service - Minimum booking time is just three hours

  • Choose the number of cleaners - A single domestic for light work, or a team to shift heavy appliances or furnishings for cleaning

  • Pay the same rate for weekend or weekday cleaning - And not a penny is due until your service is complete

How Carlos Cleaners in Crystal Palace Deliver Your Service

When you phone for your quote you'll be asked to specify what work you'd like done. A checklist will be prepared based on your priorities. If anything changes before the time of your appointment you're free to add to or amend your list on the day.

Your cleaners will start with the jobs you've identified as most important. They'll work hard through your session and do their best to get all the chores completed in the available time.

Your domestics will be reference-vetted and trained staff. They'll arrive in uniform, carry ID, and deliver your service under full insurance.

Book Your Deep Cleaning 24/7

Our support line is staffed round the clock, so just pick up your phone and dial 020 3404 0874 to get straight through to a customer care adviser.

You'll get an immediate quote based on the length of service and number of cleaners you need. You won't be pressured, but if you choose to confirm your appointment there and then, it will only take a few minutes to set up your session.